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August 23rd, 2012

QOTD 23.08.12

Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

– Isaac Asimov

June 25th, 2012


The unit of beauty needed to launch a single ship.

June 11th, 2012


One who talks through their teeth.

June 5th, 2012


Incorrect apostrophe usage. Coined by @sameshnaidoo, and a gift to any pedant.

May 12th, 2012


You know, like Hooters.

May 10th, 2012


Maintaining your celebrity status by being aloof and unobtainable.

May 3rd, 2012

QOTD – 03.05.12

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

– Jerry Seinfeld

May 2nd, 2012

QOTD – 02.05.12

Most of the laugh tracks on television were recorded in the early 1950’s. These days, most of the people you hear laughing are dead.

– Chuck Palahniuk

April 25th, 2012


Items created as collectables in honour of special occasions, such as royal weddings, perhaps.

April 18th, 2012


One given to overshare of personal information online.