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capital steez quotes

Capital STEEZ – song titled, “135”
“I admire your style and your smile. A whole list of things
And I think that it’s a shame, that I don’t get to see you enough
And I been trying to make you mine for at least a few months
You steady running through my mind, so what’s keeping you pumped [?]
And as for them pumps, it’s really bringing out the way that you strut
Like, who wouldn’t want a girl with elegance, intelligence
And a cute way of presenting it?
I see where your potential is”
2. Capital STEEZ – song titled, “135”
“You’re a lot more mature than the women your age
And I really don’t expect it to change
So take this a token of my loyalty
It started with a blueprint, now I need a supporting beam
Way before the context, you saw a lot more in me
I can’t define it metaphorically
You’re like a diamond in the rough or the lighter to my dutch
That was blunt, but I can’t lie you firing it up
And by myself it’s hard for me to face it
All I need is patience to help keep this flame lit
And that look in your eyes is pretentious
It’s no strings attached, so why less affection
And we both trying to find some reception
I got you unlocked, don’t hide this connection.”

capital steez quotes

3. Capital STEEZ – song titled, “Vibe Ratings”
“A bird caught my attention, I chased her and she got away
Now I’m left with pennies and I had to learn the harder way
That’s a fowl shot and I ain’t even get to score
Just memories that always end in me gettin’
But that’s the past, I don’t ponder on it anymore”
4. Capital STEEZ – song titled, “Dead Prez”
“Some people like to compromise for the dollar sign, but I had my mind aside
I told Jack from the get that I’m a ride or die
And I’d rather die by homicide
Instead of goin’ out without a pride”
5. Capital STEEZ – “Bonified Loving”
“It sound like you torn in the middle
Like you getting on with more than a little
Tell him he ain’t forced to be with you
Maybe he’ll get the bigger picture if it’s drawn with a stencil
I’m Leonardo or Pablo Picasso
You’re Mona Lisa with the smile of a model
Pick a place, we can fly there tomorrow
But your man tryin’ to drive over pot holes
He oughta get left”
6. Capital STEEZ – “Bonified Loving”
“You got a man and I know you can’t leave him
But I know you met me for a reason
Him and I are two different extremes so I know what they mean by people in seasons
You in a hot-cold relationship
And you really don’t know what to think of it
But I think you need to take a risk
Cause a girl like you needs a man like me”
7. Capital STEEZ – “Evol Of Love”
“Dancing in the rain, so romantic
Imagine you trapped in a hurricane while beefin’ with yo’ companion
Both uncompassionate, Laughing at the half of it
But deep down you both wish that you were holding hands
I hold it down as a man, sittin’ bitter in my pride”

capital steez quotes

It’s hard to fall off, when you’re coming in first
And your mind is at one with the earth
– Doggybag

The sky’s the limit, that’s what they told the fuckin’ fool
I disguise the limit, now I’m aimin’ for the Sun and Moon
– Negus

Can’t crack through the system, that’s why they got crack through ya system
And now we got the matrix hacked with precision
– King Steelo

Emancipated from mental slavery
That’s word to my Rastas
Cell block mind so I got my head locked up
My third eye chakra was blocked
The flash from the cops made us indigo
– Night Vision

And instead of stickin’ up for each other
We pickin’ up guns and stickin’ up our brothers
So fuck ’em all, I’m comin’ through ragin’
And I won’t stop ’til Reagan is caged in
Mom tell me I should let the Lord handle it
The arm of the law is tryin’ to man-handle us
– Free The Robots

capital steez quotes

Now I’m tryna figure how to bend spoons
The prodigy of an alchemist
It’s Indigos in rotation bringing amethysts
Must be out your cranium to even try and aim at this
I can’t be a Satanist, I don’t know who Satan is
– Apex

Is it evolution or an evil illusion?
People polluting our minds, trynna keep me from cruisin’
– Evol Love

The smile ain’t the same no more
I looked up and the sky ain’t the same no more
I looked up what the meaning of life was
And ended up with a fake smile and a light buzz
– Evol Love