Word(nerd) Search

This week we’re celebrating our wordnerds, all of you who visit the site, and participate in our community. After Anatomy of a Wordnerd, we can count even more of you among our number – welcome, wordnerds of Moldova, Mali, Senegal, Honduras and San Marino!


Countries where people have visited That Word Site from in the last month are marked in blue. Those who joined us just this week are in red.

And how better to mark the occasion than with that glorious wordnerd pursuit: a wordsearch. (It’s quite a bumper one, because, well, there were so many countries to include.) You’ll find the wordsearch here, and the solution here


47 Comments to “Word(nerd) Search”

  1. Go The Wordnerds!

  2. Yay, I love a wordsearch challenge, thanks Chris!

  3. I am so excited by the new countries, aren’t I silly. Hello new wordnerds!

  4. Awesome to see it grow!

  5. Incredible wordsearch, and loving the growing map!

  6. Greetings from Senegal! Sorry we took so long to join the party, but we’re here now :-)

  7. I managed it! It’s rather a work of art, this one!

  8. Only a few countries left…

  9. What you guys do is SO worth celebrating!

  10. It is lovely to be joining such a diverse company! Thank you Chris for your beautiful article about crosswords, it touched my heart.

  11. Alright, you got me – where on earth is San Marino?!

  12. I’m do thrilled that people everywhere are enjoying the delights of Chris Hancock’s words!

  13. Wordnerds come in all shapes and guises. We are legion!

  14. SO PROUD of you Chris! Well deserved!

  15. Not surprised at all the whole world loves you Chris! I do!

  16. Well done Karen and Chris! Rooting for you :-)

  17. Such brilliant stiff, wordnerdsearch! Chris’ portmanteaux in action.

  18. Eeeeek, saw the typo as I sent! STUFF not stiff.

  19. I managed it! My coworkers couldn’t understand my cheering.

  20. That’s kinda blown my mind, seeing all the countries’ names like that!

  21. Best wordsearch yet! Cheers Chris.

  22. W00t! Done! I totally rocked my Saturday night…um…

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