Name the Day IV – Frigg and Freya

by Chris Hancock


“Hello! I’m Frigg, or Frigga – it’s okay, I don’t mind which. Remember Odin? (I know… it’s been a long week). I’m his wife, and look after him when he’s not out on his eight-legged horse throwing his spear around. Men, huh? Of course, being a woman, I can multi-task. So, I can also see into the future (though I never speak of it, which seems pretty daft but nobody dares to pull me up on that). Throw in “Mother of All” and “Protector of Children” and you can see I’m kept pretty busy. One thing I must mention – people sometimes get me mixed up with that Freya. Let’s just say that, when it comes to the day-of-the-week ‘thing’, I’m – oh, heck… I can hear her chariot wheels. Here she comes now.”


“Hello! I’m Freya, or Freyja – it’s okay, I don’t mind which. Has Frigg been talking about me? I can do that perfectly well for myself, thank you. I ride around on this lovely cat-drawn chariot. Plus, I’m a goddess of love and beauty, and wear the sacred necklace Brisingamen. It was made for me by four dwarves, though I… ahem… had to ‘bestow favours’ on them in return. Look – erm – can we change the subject? I’m known as Queen of the Valkyries, and get first pick of those slain in battle, whom I bear to Valhalla. Oh yes, one other thing… did Frigg mention the day-of-the-week ‘thing’? Because I’m -”

“Hey Freya! We’re never going to decide this one way or the other. Let’s not fight about everything like the men do.”

“Okay, okay, Frigg. You’re right. We’ll do it the way we agreed. After three…”

Both: “One, two, three – and Friday is our day.”

Chris Hancock

About Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock (@cjhancock) is an IT consultant and dictionary enthusiast in the UK. He’s worked in Engineering and Computing since leaving University, all the time hoping that the post of Crossword Editor for “The Guardian” will come up. It hasn’t. Yet.


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  1. Give it up for the girls!

  2. A charming end to a great series.

  3. Does etymology not favour one over the other?

  4. I thought I’d abstain from commenting till you’d reached your conclusion. You have achieved a level of whimsy which doubtless will attract readers. I would appreciate further detail on why these particular deities were so honoured. Thank you for your consistent excellence.

    • Chris Hancock

      Whimsy is my middle name, Geoffrey.
      I just did a bit of research on days of the week and how they got their names. I was more drawn to the Nordic ones as they had a physical embodiment and attributes I could have fun with. That didn’t really apply to the Sun, Moon and Saturn. Thanks!

  5. A fascinating collection. Don’t stop! Tell us more!

  6. Frigg? I mean…Frigg?

  7. Always good to end on a high note!!

  8. That’s it, I’m calling my imaginary daughter Frigg! Cheers for all the great writing.

  9. Thank you so much for these four works of art!

  10. My money’s on Freya.

  11. Lovely :-)

  12. “Mother of all” does basically sound like a full time job!

  13. Awwwwwwww. So sad it’s over!!

  14. I’ve been a Norse mythology afficionado for many years, seldom seen things so eloquently expressed.

  15. :-) you learn something new everyday. Sometimes two things…

  16. Bless you Chris, and your writing.

  17. You prove time and again how talented you are.

  18. A masterful collection of work!

  19. Would it be terrible of me to confess I wouldn’t have minded a little goddess on goddess fighting? 😉 wonderful writing Chris!

  20. Our daughter was born on Friday. No prizes for guessing what we named her – it wasn’t Frigga!

  21. Respect Chris, a great entertaining read(s).

  22. Please do tell us when you are publishing your collected works…

  23. I simply adore these ladies! And you!

  24. It has all been a treat. You mean there’s no Wyq, god of the weekend?

  25. Can you ask Freya where one gets ENORMOCATS? Gorgeous writing Chris.

  26. What a gift for characterization you have!

  27. I feel sated, thank you.

  28. I’ve always not commented because I feel you have more than enough to deal with :-), but I *must* tell you how I love love love these pieces!

    • Chris Hancock

      Well I don’t want to sound blasé, but – after four day’s worth – one more comment won’t make too much difference, Rowena. Especially one as delightful as yours. Thank you very much! :-)

  29. You are the best thing on the net!

  30. Same logic as Rowena. Magic!

  31. Your writing is charming, witty and wise. Love it.

  32. What’s next? I need something to look forward to!

  33. I went back and read everything you’ve written again. Holy smokes you’re talented.

  34. Individually these are great, combined they’re genius.

  35. Such a treat you’ve given us this week, Chris, thank you!

  36. I’ve always thought “frig it” on Fridays, now I know why!

  37. Four cheers for four great stories!

  38. That’s how you end – leave ’em wanting more.

  39. I wondered how I did not know these things and I realised it’s obvious: I never asked. Thank you for asking and sharing with such wonderful words.

  40. What a love affair you have with words.

  41. Each time you write something I’m reminded that you are my favourite writer.

  42. All of teh love for these and you and this site!

  43. Your words are wonderful, and I can see how many others connect with them, and you. It’s an ancient magic binding the storyteller and his audience.

  44. She must be a goddess AND look after Odin? Men are truly lazy.

  45. Also very lovely.

  46. So glad this site got you writing. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

  47. Nooo it hasn’t been a long week, it’s been far too short!

  48. Job well done.

  49. Excellent work from you, beautiful.

  50. I must tell you, I love these!

  51. You are so gifted!

  52. I love how personal your writing feels. It makes me want to read more, and know more. And I’m not a reading type person!

  53. Chris you write so skillfully I can’t describe it!

  54. Sure you’re sick of comments, but I’ve been reading back over your work and you’ve made me laugh and cry! Your article about your crossword mentor will stay with me forever.

  55. I have appreciated reading these.

  56. Your mind is sharp, your words gentle, your gaze piercing.

  57. I’m so intrigued by your creative process. To take ancient gods and breathe life into them is a real skill. What do you attribute your success to?

  58. I’m commenting for the first time as these articles truly gave me a sense of your versatility. No end to your talents!

  59. How can anyone read all your writing and not fall a little in love?

  60. You’re the whole package: knowledge AND talent.

  61. A fun collection, on top of your immense body of work…glad I discovered you.

  62. I just could eat you up you’re so delicious

  63. Wow! How do you get inspired for your work? I’m so blown away by the variety of what you’ve written – looking back over the years.

    • Chris Hancock

      Hi Charlene! “Looking back over the years”? It’s only two! :-)
      I love words so I find word games and puzzles, or words with unusual properties, fascinating. Though I must admit I don’t always stick strictly to word-related topics. Something makes me think of a subject, I scribble down what I know, then what I can find from books and the internet. If there’s enough for an article I write it, hopefully with an interesting slant that makes it fun. Thanks! :-)

  64. Well you certainly succeed! Thank YOU!

  65. I am so inspired by your way of looking at things. Language is such a fascinating subject, you an eloquent and passionate tour guide.

  66. You hot me thinking: what do other people call days of the week? I found this

  67. I agree with everyone saying “thank God you found writing”. And can turn any subject into a masterpiece!

  68. It’s a sort of kismet, reading through the comments. Someone with the foresight to start the site and approach you, and your wealth of untapped writing excellence. And us, starved for decent wordnerdery.

  69. I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s the women’s stories that are lost. Thank you for honouring them.

    • Chris Hancock

      It was luck, really. I just wanted to honour the gods whom we named our days after. But I was delighted when I realised I could finish the series with two women who were able to find a consensus :-)

  70. I liked it better when it was just you and me, it’s crowded in here now :-(

  71. You do have a knack, you capture the spark of a matter. And know what to leave out!

  72. Thanks for always expanding my horizons, and your great writing.

  73. You really are a genius. I’m jealous :-)

  74. These ladies are too downtrodden! :-)

  75. No ladies, fight harder! Then we can have two Fridays!

  76. Suffered withdrawal symptoms yesterday and today. Sob! I need you to write more!

  77. Dear Chris – and all of TWS – I thought I should write and say that thanks to your inspiration, I’m studying linguistics this year. I’d always loved language, but you truly inspired me to see how it flows into every aspect of life. Thank you!

  78. Ooh ooh, you should make posters of these! Brillo!

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