Name the Day III – Thor

by Chris Hancock


“Stop! Hammer time! Ahh… I never tire of saying that. I’m Thor, as I’m sure you know – nice for you to meet me. Heh!

“I’m a pretty big noise in the Norse pantheon – literally. You hear thunder, or the sound of lightning… that’s me wielding my mighty hammer Mjollnir. I ride around in my goat-drawn chariot – admittedly, goats don’t quite go with my rugged, powerful image but they were all I could get at the time.

“As you might have noticed, everyone around here claims to be a god of war. Let’s just say I’m THE god of war. You can put me down for thunder and strength, too. I’m always performing great feats of bravery, like slaying bulls with my bare hands. That’s because I wear a belt, Megingjord, that doubles my strength. I also “call forth gentle winds to release the earth from its bondage of ice and snow”, but I tend to keep quiet about that as it sounds a bit soppy. You could think of that as a “Thor thaw” – d’you see what I did there? I crack myself up, sometimes, I really do.

“I hear you’ve met my dad, Odin. He’s supposed to be the supreme deity but – and keep this to yourself – I think I run him pretty close. I mean… everyone’s heard of Thor and his hammer, right? And I don’t see any Hollywood blockbusters called “Odin”. Just sayin’.

“Anyway, I’d better… Stop! Hammer time! See? Never gets old.

“Yep, I’m Thor… and Thorsday – whoops, I mean Thursday – is my day.”

Chris Hancock

About Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock (@cjhancock) is an IT consultant and dictionary enthusiast in the UK. He’s worked in Engineering and Computing since leaving University, all the time hoping that the post of Crossword Editor for “The Guardian” will come up. It hasn’t. Yet.


115 Comments to “Name the Day III – Thor”

  1. I’m yelling stop hammer time now!

  2. Keep ’em coming!

  3. You learn something new everyday 😀

  4. This is my favourite!

  5. You are divine

  6. Thor is also sexy.

  7. These keep getting better! Love them as a collection of vignettes.

  8. Your words inspire me always.

  9. Each better than the last.

  10. Gorgeous picture. Thor doesn’t look too bad either…

  11. Haha oh I’m so sad there’s only one more to come!

  12. Wonderful wonderful!

  13. You are so so much fun!

  14. Thank you thank you!

  15. I really find this so refreshing!

  16. Yes! You’ve captured him perfectly!


  18. These are everything! Thanks!

  19. This series is a triumph. I *could* Google what comes next, but I’d rather wait…

  20. So much fun to read these!

  21. I find your knack for making facts fun a phenomenal thing.

  22. How do you do it Chris? Work in IT AND run this site AND write such poetic words? I’m in awe!

    • Chris Hancock

      That’s very kind of you, Barbie. Thanks! :-)

    • Not to belittle Chris in any way – and I agree particularly about his writing, these pieces are a true triumph – I *think* he has a little help running the site.

      • Chris Hancock

        Quite right, Lukas! People often say “Love your site” and I do try to correct that impression from time to time. But I think it would become tedious if I did it every time, so sometimes I just say “Thanks”. Let me be clear that TWS really is a team effort. Thanks!

        • I’ve seen you do it, so just thought I’d take a turn – I know how much work goes into websites, and how valuable a team is :-)

  23. A wonderful challenge you set yourself Chris, and have handled superlatively!

  24. Good old Thor 😀

  25. I am so enthralled by your writing.

  26. Your writing is rather addictive.

  27. You are my favourite!

  28. Your writing is so careful and creative, so intelligent.

  29. This article proves once again why only you should write for this site.

  30. Love the “in your face dad, I have a movie!” angle!

  31. Where else can I find your writing Chris?

  32. Your volume of work is amazing.

    • Chris Hancock

      Thank you, Steve! I’d never written anything back at the beginning of 2012 so yes, I’ll allow myself to be proud of what I’ve scribbled down since then. It helps to get so many lovely comments, I must say :-)

  33. I love your Thor more than movie Thor! Write more!

  34. Your words grab me and don’t let go.

  35. Truly remarkable, you took to it like a duck to water. What made you start then?

  36. I can’t wait for Friday, but also don’t want these to end!

  37. As your biggest fan I must say: fabulous.

  38. Love how much fun you’ve had with these!

  39. Must say daily Chris Hancock is good for me xx

  40. A mighty god indeed. Much feared. Maybe his father was a little nicer?

  41. Write for us every day, Chris, write whatever you like, we’ll read it and love it.

  42. My favourite thing ever.

  43. A rollicking read!

  44. This Norse god is a little Rock n roll.

  45. You bring them all to life so eloquently.

  46. Why don’t you have a book yet?!

  47. Agree with Gen. We need!

  48. It’s clear you are the STAR of this site – and the internet!

  49. After careful consideration, Thor is my favourite.

    • Chris Hancock

      A fine choice, Frank. I thought Thor would be the easier to write about but, being the most well-known, he was trickier than I expected. So I’m pleased you liked the result. Thanks!

  50. Thor certainly seems the best known of the four (five). Your work is amazing.

  51. Yes, very much so!

  52. I was expecting Thor to look more like he did in the movie. But your writing is fun.

  53. You really should watch the movie, it’s so bad it’s good :-)

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