Name the Day II – Odin

by Chris Hancock

“I am Odin, father of the gods! Cower before my might, ye worthless minions!!”


“Heh! It’s okay, I’m only kidding – I’m a big softie, really. But, when you’re chief god of the Norse pantheon, you have to put on a bit of a show. It’s expected, you know?

“So what do you want to hear? I’m god of war, death, poetry, magic, prophecy, wisdom and the hunt. I carry a spear called Gungnir – I know what you’re thinking, who gives a name to a spear? In my defence, it’s no ordinary spear, because it never misses its target. How cool is that? I ride a horse called Sleipnir which has – don’t laugh – eight legs. That’s pretty neat, except he costs me a fortune in blacksmith charges. Oh, yeah… and I get all the juicy gossip from my two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. That’s Huginn on my right… or is it on my left? Between you and me, one raven is very much like another.

 “Is it bright enough for you in here? I ask because – I don’t know if you’ve noticed – I only have one eye, but apparently it “blazes like the sun”. I traded my other one for a drink from the Well of Wisdom… as you do. This means I know everything – except how to tell my ravens apart.

“So that’s me, Odin. I’m also known as Woden… and Wednesday is my day.”

Chris Hancock

About Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock (@cjhancock) is an IT consultant and dictionary enthusiast in the UK. He’s worked in Engineering and Computing since leaving University, all the time hoping that the post of Crossword Editor for “The Guardian” will come up. It hasn’t. Yet.


106 Comments to “Name the Day II – Odin”

  1. So it’s not the day Nessie got wed? Ah. Pity.

  2. Odinsday…should the W be silent? Ha!

  3. I kinda want ravens now.

  4. I think Odin’s dead sexy.

  5. Loving this series!

  6. I was thinking of Anthony Hopkins, but what did you have in mind?

  7. Wednesdays are good days, so thanks, old Norse dude.

  8. Good way to make them memorable, letting them speak :-)

  9. What a pity, I was getting excited…

    • Chris Hancock
    • Could you not, perhaps, contain your flirtation to one comment thread? I love reading the comments for Chris’ witty replies, and often extra nuggets of wisdom and lovely ideas, but it does get tiring sometimes wading through these kinds of things. I’m no prude – and I hope no party-pooper – but I am a longtime avid fan. I hope I’m not out of line here. If it’s all one thread it’s easier to scroll past. Ta!

  10. You keep exposing my ignorance – I had never connected Odin and Wednesday!

  11. Ha ha ha! Nice!

  12. Love how relatable you’ve made them! Usually my students fall asleep in these sections. Well, unless we watch the movie, of course :-)

  13. Hail, mighty Odin!

  14. I expected to see small yellow creatures at his knees after that intro!

  15. Oh lovely lovely stuff, thanks Chris and team!

  16. Thank you for this refuge from tedium and drudge!

  17. Beautiful thank you! Can just hear him.

  18. Hi Chris, just a little “thanks for the chuckles”.

  19. Don’t worry about the haterz Chris. Flirt on…

  20. Oooh I love these! So much fun!

  21. Glad to know Odin is an old softie :-)

  22. A wonderful thing, thank you.

  23. You learn something new everyday 😉

  24. I do enjoy your writing :-)

  25. How beautiful to be the god of war and poetry! Destruction and creation.

  26. I learn so much from you but never realise, because I’m laughing too hard!

  27. Wonderful! Even though I know what’s coming next I can’t wait for your interpretation.

  28. What friendly cuddly names the ravens have, like a toddler named them!

  29. I have just been bewitched by this site!

  30. Please write a book for me! I will read anything you write!

  31. Thank you for writing, genius man!

  32. Good stuff this!

  33. Another to print and keep!

  34. I think it is fascinating how we carry these ancient things with us. Thank you for sharing them, Chris.

  35. You are as talented as ever.

  36. Please pleasse please do the months next!

  37. So the dog’s name is minion?

  38. You gotta way with words.

  39. You should write Norse god soapies!!

  40. Whoooooo I lurve your site!

  41. What a wonderful idea for a series! And so well executed.

  42. My favourite writer on my favourite topic! What more could anyone want?

  43. Ooh yes! I’d read a book of Norse god soapies!

  44. Yes to the Norse soapies!

  45. Awwww, what a sweetie 😉

  46. Odd he doesn’t get the recognition his son does.

  47. Can I just say what a mighty beard that is? Love these, thanks Chris.

  48. OMG my brother’s name is Odin I had no idea!! I must tease him every Wednesday now.

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