Name the Day I – Tyr

by Chris Hancock


“Hi! Tyr here. What? The name doesn’t ring a bell? Norse god of… ooh, all sorts of things – law, heroic glory, war, stuff like that. I can’t believe you’ve not heard of me. At one time I’ll have you know I was head honcho… top banana in the whole Nordic pantheon. But Odin took over in that role… and now – to add insult to injury – they’re telling me he’s my dad. How should I know? Families, eh?

“What happened to my hand? Long story… I’ll just give you the main points. There was this gigantic wolf called Fenrir. Being a real nuisance, he was. I and the other gods persuaded Fenrir to let us tie him up, but he’d only do it if one god agreed to put their hand into his mouth. “You’re brave Tyr, you do it,” they all said. So muggins volunteered, popped my hand into his slobbery chops and – you’re ahead of me, right? – Fenrir got a little jittery and bit it off. Makes washing-up a real pain, I can tell you.

“So that’s me, Tyr. I’m also known as Tiw… and Tuesday is my day.”

[Ed’s note: This is the first in a four part series, which you may or may not have guessed the theme of.]

Chris Hancock

About Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock (@cjhancock) is an IT consultant and dictionary enthusiast in the UK. He’s worked in Engineering and Computing since leaving University, all the time hoping that the post of Crossword Editor for “The Guardian” will come up. It hasn’t. Yet.


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  1. So weird we preserve the ancient gods like this.

  2. You learn something new every day.

  3. Lovely, Chris!

  4. Can’t believe I NEVER stopped to think about that! Wow!

  5. Gorgeous representation!

  6. Always so delicious to see you Chris.

  7. Oh! I looooove this!

  8. Ha ha how wonderful.

  9. Splendid stuff, so glad there’s more to come!

  10. Oh, dear, perhaps I chose my words wrong! Your characterization is excellent.

  11. Who knew Norse gods were such fun?!

  12. You are simply wonderful! I love how you brought this to life!

  13. Thanks for the knowledge and smile Chris!

  14. A very interesting take on things.

  15. Oh I’m so glad you’ve written this!

  16. Great to see Tyr getting some recognition :-)

  17. When did Tuesday become, um, Tyr’sday?

    • Chris Hancock

      Well, Wikipedia has this, Lynette:
      The English name is derived from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday, meaning “Tīw’s Day”, the day of Tiw or Týr.
      So quite a while ago, I’d say.

  18. Muggins is a curious word, I’ve not encountered it before. Lovely bit of fun!

    • Chris Hancock

      It’s quite a British English word so I pondered for quite a while whether to include it, Rabia. Then I thought well TWS is all about increasing vocabulary so left it in. I guess “dupe” or “fool” or “fall guy” might be equivalent terms. Thanks!

  19. Four days of Chris! What bliss!

  20. Delight as always, Chris. You’re much better than Wikipedia!

  21. A story to remember from a master storyteller!

  22. So many questions! When did we adopt the 7 day week, were there other contenders for the name, and why only 4 posts! Surely we deserve 7!! Love this.

  23. Print out for the students moment!

  24. Thanks for helping me get through Tuesday! Just several more hours to go…

  25. Thanks Chris!

  26. OMG I’ve just found you and you are the BEST thing! Love your site!!

  27. Now I will never forget!

  28. I shall always always remember you now Tyr!

  29. On tenterhooks – see I do read the site – waiting for the next installment.

  30. Still can’t believe I had NEVER heard of this person!

  31. What’d he have against vowels?

    • Chris Hancock

      Because he had none in his name, Lisa? Well, “y” can be both a vowel (“myth”) and a consonant (“yet”). We lump it in with the consonants mainly because it’s the only letter we have that represents the sound in “yet”, “beyond”, etc.

  32. Must suck to have a day named after you and STILL no one knows who you are! Thanks Chris :-)

  33. Wait what?! Mind. Blown. A consovowel?

  34. Tyrmendous!

  35. Sorry Mr Tuesday, but sticking your hand in there was just dumb.

  36. Always get so much joy from reading your work AND the comments which show how loved you are!

  37. Any connection with “tyrant”? Your writing is like music.

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