2013 in Review

It’s not been a bad year for words. Admittedly some people got a bit too caught up in the excitement of new additions to the dictionary like “selfie” and “twerk” – I’m looking at you, Barack and Miley. But the ranks of wordnerds swelled, and we’ve shared some luscious linguistic times. For those of you who missed a few along the way, or want to reminisce, here are some of That Word Site’s top 2013 moments:

We learned why we’re on tenterhooks, why we talk the hind legs off donkeys, and why we’re sometimes plum crazy.  You loved ayurnamat, sclaff and…what’s that word again, on the tip of my tongue…ah yes, tintiddle. You were even fond of pineapple. But it was old favourite sgiomlaireachd which remained your favourite word this year.

Mark Twain’s dry wit tickled your fancy, but our most popular words of wisdom this year came from Lewis Carroll – “You used to be much more…”muchier”. You’ve lost your muchness.”

But it was the articles lovingly crafted by our wordnerds, our “words on words”, which gave us our highlights. Our writers gave us tours of their bookshelves, explained how words had shaped their identities, and mused the necessity of the apostrophe. They got a little saucy, a little sporty, and were occasionally lost in translation. We had fun with films for wordnerds of all ages. We were scared senseless. And oh, how they loved to experiment with words. We’ve played with pangrams, been through a bad spell and had a few rejection letters. Sometimes we left letters out entirely.

In the end, there was of course a favourite article this year. One that stood out from all the rest. It is appropriate that it is about a love of language that brings people together – in the same way that we hope ThatWordSite brings us together, in this little corner of the internet that wordnerds can call home. Still not sure which it could be? I’ll give you a clue…

So a happy, joyful, merry, festive, wondrous, pleasant, exciting (puts down thesaurus) New Year to you all. We’ll be right here with even more words in 2014.



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  1. What fun! Although my tops would be all Chris all the time.

  2. How wonderful! I’d somehow missed Ogden’s Gnash and Rejection Letters. But a very worthy winner!!

  3. Oh wow I *love* tintiddle! Goes well with your recent struggles Chris.

  4. My favourites were all the “love letters” you wrote me Chris.

  5. Great list, and all kudos to you, Chris, but there was a piece on biscuits by Karen Jeynes that really made me grin.

  6. Wow, what a range of stuff! I’d missed lots of it – thanks! But of COURSE that was the best of the year – best article I’ve read all year anywhere.

  7. All I can say is Chris definitely still has all his muchness!

  8. Thoroughly good round up of the delights you offer us! Let’s make everyone wordnerds.

  9. That Clued Up piece has haunted me. And not like Ogden Gnash, happily!

  10. They’re like old friends! Though I confess I hadn’t read some by other writers. Maybe in 2014 I must learn to love more than one wordnerd, LOL!

  11. Congrats on being number 1 Chris!

  12. Wonderful! Wordy nostalgia, my favourite kind, and Chris the cherry on top!

  13. Lovely round up from one of my favourite sites!

  14. Ah, old friends! Can’t wait for more to come.

  15. So what do you do if *this* becomes the most popular post of the year? 😀

    Awesome stuff, well done Chris!

  16. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely….loveliest! A masterpiece Chris, thank you!

  17. Faacinating reminder of just how much you’ve done with this site! I think I saw someone say somewhere it must take a small army – Chris, I salute you and your soldiers!

    • Chris Hancock

      Yes – we’ve come a long way in 12 months, and it’s been great to have so much positive support from subscribers and non-subscribers alike. I’m sure we all appreciate your kind words, Nicholas. Thank you!

  18. I enjoy this very much, I’m almost sorry there is a “winner” – not that you don’t deserve it Chris, of course you do, but because they should all be celebrated.

  19. God bless you Chris for a happy year of words!

  20. A long time fan here, never commented before. I wanted to express my gratitude to all at TWS for your tireless and consistently outstanding work. I feel some commentators want to envisage this as a one man band, but as most creative types will tell you, it is inevitably out of teamwork that the best things come. That support enables the creativity. Being part of as team affirms and enriches. And helps one face self doubt. As an eyewitness, I can see how all the writers on this site have grown in confidence and ability. So, I applaud you all.

    • Chris Hancock

      Thanks very much for that, Mulenga! You are absolutely right – I think every one of my articles has been improved by corrections, comments and suggestions from another member of the TWS team. And I think that’s true of everything that appears on here.

      Wishing you a happy 2014 :-)

  21. Loved them all once, love them all again! Happy New Year Chris!

  22. Lovely round up! Great reads.

  23. Happy New Year to all wordnerdkind.

  24. Most wordnerds are kind, I find :-)

  25. A wonderful year for wordnerds in no small part thanks to the good folk at TWS!

  26. Thank you Chris and TWS for a phenomenal year!

  27. Spent a long time looking through these, thank you for putting them all in one easy place! Happy New Year Chris!

  28. Oh my! So many lovely things here. Sad and funny and clever and warm. You all make us happier! Thanks!

  29. Piping up for the first time after months of fandom to say thank you for a great ride in 2013, I can’t wait to see what you have in your bag of tricks for 2014. And I echo Mulenga – such evident teamwork, nothing jarring or out of place. Thank you Chris, Karen, Kathrin, Ant, Ntombi, Craig, Kristina, Charl for the quotes and anyone I may be forgetting!

  30. Incredible array of writing there! And Chris a deserved victor.

  31. You had me on tenterhooks there counting down to the top post! Bravo!

  32. Thanks for the round up, some stunning highlights there. Happy New Year Chris and team.

  33. I get who Barack is, but Miley?

  34. Oh yes, Happy New Year!

  35. A marvellous bouquet of words! Thank you Chris et al.

  36. Some excellent picks here, nicely indicative of the site as a whole. Happy New Year wordnerdkind!

  37. Hearty thank yous to everyone for an incredible year! I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait for more.

  38. Can’t remember if I said Happy New Year. If not, Happy New Year!

  39. Hey, lovely collection of pieces! Huge thanks to all involved, especially Chris Hancock and Karen Jeynes. I know it’s de rigeur for commentors to fancy Chris, but Ms Jeynes, I love your mind. Sorry Chris! Happy New Year :-)

  40. Wow wow wow! Chris seeing so many of your pieces together reminds me how brilliant you are! Love your site Chris! Happy New Year!

  41. Wonderful writing on this site, you’re all so inspiring!

  42. All good wishes and words to you.

  43. Simply love you and your writing Chris.

  44. Echo the sentiments about teamwork but I’m a Chris girl.

  45. As an erstwhile limguist myself, I am so grateful for the many delights this site offers. Thank you, and Happy New Year to all!

  46. Perfect end to a great year of words.

  47. Thanks be to the word site and Chris for a wonderful year! Viva!

  48. Three cheers for TWS! Three cheers for wordnerds! Three cheers for Chris!

  49. Special greetings to you for the New Year Chris!

  50. #teamchris all the way! What an incredible range of articles. I am in awe of your talent.

  51. Happy New Year Chris and all wordnerdkind.

  52. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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