Our Elite Sextathletes

At long last the answers have been marked – we’re rather smug that none of you got full marks, but a whopping 52 people managed 20 out of 21, a near-genius level achievement. Our geeky system of choosing random prize recipients was fired up, and we are ready to present to you our winners – perhaps clap your red pens together?

Marco Silver

Jennifer Lower

Anne-Marie Curtis

Louis Fortune

Chris Harries



51 Comments to “Our Elite Sextathletes”

  1. Unlucky for some – me! I’ll buy myself an ebook to celebrate my 20! Thanks Chris!

  2. And here I thought I’d impress you with my 16, Chris, LOL x

  3. Wow Chris, you are awesome, I’m already reading my prize!

  4. Congrats to all 52, and to you, Chris, for outsmarting us all.

  5. Amazing! Proud to be one of 52, thanks Chris!

  6. Whoop! Top 52! If only bloody Paul Simon hadn’t stumped me :-). Gracias, Chris.

    • Yay! Top 52 indeed. Sorry you weren’t one of the lucky 5, Susana, and sorry about Paul Simon. Though I think, if you’d hit on the song, you’d have known it must be the right answer. Frustrating, huh? 😉

  7. W00t! Thanks Chris, glad the system liked me! Hope you do this again soon to give more of the 52 chances to win.

    • It sure did, Chris. Picked you out completely blind. Yes, we’ll probably do another after the memory of the pain of marking so many responses has subsided. Congratulations!

  8. Added ‘elite sextathlete’ to my resumé. Thank you!

  9. Yay! Three cheers for Chris Hancock, for making us all think! You’re a hero.

  10. My paltry 14 pale in comparison, but the fun was all mine!

  11. I hope someone gives you a prize for being so wonderful xxx

  12. Close but no cigar with my 19. Loads of fun Chris, hope it’s a regular feature.

  13. Gave these to my matric class, impressed how well they managed! Thanks Chris!

  14. You excite me, Chris Hancock.

  15. Thanks Chris for stretching our minds and inspiring us to think.

  16. Wow! I’m soooooo amazed people got 20 lol! Thank you Chris you are amaaaazing xx

  17. Chris you always amaze, now you’re even giving prizes for being wordnerdy!

  18. Wahey, loving my prize, thank you Chris!!

  19. I am fascinated by the answers, and how you ever even thought of the questions! I also thought billion was still a million million in the UK, so that has confused me greatly. Thank you Chris, please do another soooon, and write for us so we can see your face x

    • Ha ha! You are far too kind, Ellie. Yes – I’m afraid we’ve given up the fight on “billion”. I’m sure we’ll do another quiz some time soon, and there should be a new article shortly :-) x

  20. I’m another of the 52! Thank you Chris for your fab quiz, the perfect end to your fab puzzle week – when’s the next one?

  21. Oh, well done, Gloria! As I said to Isabella, sorry you had to be one of the 47 :-(

    Working through all the responses was quite an effort. I’m sure we’ll do this again… but not too soon :-/

  22. If I’d known you were doling out kisses I’d have tried harder on the quiz! Where’s mine, then? X

  23. Ah, gwan Chris, gi us a kiss then, pucker up! Wait…isn’t this a word site? Oh well! ‘X’

  24. General Comment: You’re all very kind with your comments, and I value every one – but I don’t always get it spot-on with my responses. Please accept my apologies where I don’t strike quite the right note.

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