E-asy Wordsearch

After the dearth of them in Chris Hancock’s article about lipograms we thought we’d better give you a surfeit of Es to make up for it. And that got us thinking, specifically about words of 8 letters or more with at least half of the letters being Es. So we sucked our pencils… then each other’s pencils… stared into the middle distance and – without straying too far into the realms of obscure words – came up with these:

Beekeeper, beekeepers, deepened, enfeeble, esteemed, exceeded, exegeses, eyepiece, kedgeree, redeemed, refereed, referees, squeegee, teetered, veneered.

Have we missed any? No doubt you’ll tell us.

As further compensation here’s another wordsearch – this time there are 50 words to find, each containing four Es. The puzzle is here and the solution is here.



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  1. This wordsearch has a dearth of Chris Hancock!

  2. Those are both lovely, but I meant winks!!

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