A puzzling bookend

We’re into the final stretch of Puzzle Week, but we’re not done exercising your minds yet. Can you remember Monday, when your grey matter was an effete and flabby specimen compared to the muscular, toned figure it is now? Of course you do, because all the wordplay has sharpened your memory. We gave you a wordsearch entirely composed of the letters from the first half of the alphabet. But we’re an equal opportunity site, where all letters get a fair shot at glory, so today we bring you (drumroll please) a wordsearch made entirely of letters from the second half of the alphabet! Didn’t see THAT coming, did you?


You’ll find the wordsearch here, and the solution (only after due effort on your part, mind) here.

Oh, and check back tomorrow to discover what your brains have been in training for all week…

12 Comments to “A puzzling bookend”

  1. Thank you Chris for a wonderful week of wordnerd delight!

  2. Thanks, Marie! I must point out it wasn’t all my own work. Let’s just call it a “That Word Site collaboration”. And make sure you look out for our “something for the weekend” tomorrow :-)

  3. I’m with the others here! I’ve missed your face on the site, We Want More Chris!

  4. Yes! Give us more Chris!!

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